Forsiden Flyflåten Dornier DO228
Dornier DO228
Specifications and Performance

BASIC CONFIGURATION: Two Garret TPE 331-5A-252 D or TPE 331-10 engines, 776 shp each, flat rated to ISA+11¼C (52¼F), Two Four-Bladed Propellers with Reversible Pitch, Propeller Synchrophaser, Hydraulically Operated Landing Gear with Electro/Hydraulically controlled nosewheel steering system via rudder pedals, Electrical Stabilizer and Aileron Trim, Engine Torque and Temperature Limiter, Dual Engine Air Intake Deicing, Electrical heated Pitot Tubes, Windshield Wipers, Windows, Engine Fire Extinguishing System, Cockpit and Cabin Fire Extinguishers, Dual Landing and Taxi Lights, Position Lights Anti Collision Lights, Hydraulic Power Pack Check Lights

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Wing span 55 ft. 8in 16.97 m
Wing area 344 sq. ft 32.00 m2
Overall length 54 ft. 4 in 16.56 m
Overall height 15 ft. 11 in 4.86 m
Wheel track 10 ft. 10 in 3.30 m
Wheel base 20 ft. 8 in 6.29 m
Prop. clearance 3 ft. 6 in 1.08 m
Passenger seats 19 19
Seat pitch 30 in 76.2 cm
Cabin length 23 ft. 3 in 7.08 m
Cabin width 4 ft. 5 in 1.35 m
Cabin height 5ft 1 in 1.55 m
Cabin volume (internal) 519 cu. ft 14.70 m3
Passenger door 25 x 53 in 64 x 134 cm
Cargo door 50 x 53 in 128 x 134 cm
Front compartments (internal volume) 31 cu. ft 0.89 m2
Max load 265 lb 120 kg
Door size (H max x W) 19 x 48 in 50 x 120 cm
Aft compartment (internal volume) 92 cu. ft 2.6 m3
Max load 463 lb 210 kg
Door size (H x W) 36 x 21 in 90 x 53 cm
Baggage volume / passenger 6.5 cu. ft 0.18 m3
Baggage weight / passenger 38.3 lb 17,4 kg
Engine Model Garrett TPE 331-5A-252 D or Garrett TPE 331-10
Takeoff power 2 x 776shp, flat to ISA +7°C (72°F)
Takeoff propeller rpm. 100% 1,591 rpm
Propeller type Hartzell
Propeller diameter 106 in 2.69 m
Propeller blades 4 (full feathering and reversing)
Fuel capacity (integral wing tanks) 630 US gal 2,386 liters
  4,155 lb 1,885 kg
Oil capacity per engine 6.25 US qts 5.9 liters
Fuel consumption
(Max range cruise, 10,000 ft)
470 lb/hr 213 kg/h
Max ramp weight 14,175 lb 6,430 kg
Max take off weight 14,109 lb 6,400 kg
Max landing weight 13,448 lb 6,100 kg
Max zero fuel weight 13,095 lb 5,940 kg
Operating weight empty* 8,243 lb 3,739 kg
Max useful load 5,866 lb 2,661 kg
*Includes 2 pilots, 19 seats, oil, unusable fuel and 105 kg (231 lb) for options

INTERIOR: Air Conditioning System, Individual Air Outlets, Dual Handrail Airstair Door, Cargo Door, Cockpit Door, Front and Rear Baggage Compartment Doors, Textile Seat linings, Cabin Panel Infills, Decor, Partition, Linings and Exterior Paint Scheme to customer’s choice, Floor carpet, Polycarbonate Cabin Lining, Cabin Signs, Cabin Lights, Baggage Compartment Lights, Baggage Net

AVIONICS: Dual IFR Flight Instruments: Airspeed Indicators, Altimeters, Vertical Speed Indicators, Turn and slip Indicators, Clocks, OAT Indicator, Reference Speed Deviation Indicator, Flying Hours Counter, Microphone, Stabilizer Trim and Nosewheel Steering Buttons on Pilot’s and Co-Pilot’s Control Yokes, Instrument Panel Lighting (integrated/flood), Cockpit Lighting

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Surface Deicing, Propeller Deicing, Windshield Deicing, Auxiliary Power Unit, Pressure Refueling, "Magna Sticks", Gravel Kit, Strobe, Logo Lights, Electrical Cabin and Cockpit Heaters, Individual Reading Lights


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